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From La-Di-Dawn

to La-Di-Dusk,

we’ve got you covered.

We’re on a mission to help people feel more present, calm, and grounded when and where they need it.

Our Story

Modern life moves fast. With our brains always ON, stress builds up quick. Don’t you wish there was a way to slow it all down, to feel more present, calm, and grounded?

…We have good news

Enter LaDiDa, the all-day latte that sets a gentle filter on any time of day. A creamy blend of oat milk, hemp extract, and beneficial ingredients, LaDiDa makes feeling calm and grounded easy, convenient, and absolutely delicious.

Ingredients With

Purpose & Integrity

LaDiDa uses the highest quality ingredients without compromise. We source organic hemp from Oregon, organic turmeric from India, and high quality matcha from Japan. Each batch of LaDiDa comes with a Certificate of Analysis, verifying that the latte you’re enjoying is full of benefits and integrity.

We use these high quality ingredients to deliver specific blends of calm and balance for each time of day.

What is
Hemp Extract?

Hemp extract contains both CBD and a rich cocktail of botanical terpenes, as opposed to simply stripped down CBD. Terpenes are aromatic oils present in hemp and many other plants, and have been used for their soothing properties for thousands of years. Each LaDiDa latte is made with 15mg of hemp extract to help you feel more present, calm and grounded.

Our hemp is organically farmed in Oregon and tested by an independent lab to ensure it is entirely free of THC, toxins, pesticides, heavy metals, and meets the highest quality of standards.

Will LaDiDa get
me high?

No. Broad spectrum hemp extract is not pot, it is whole oil pressed from the hemp plant, and entirely THC-free.

Our Lattes


Blissful Boost

Matcha’s naturally caffeinated boost meets hemp’s soothing flow for a clean focus, without the buzz.

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Golden Turmeric

Midday Meditation

Creamy and caffeine-free, this organic turmeric blend splashes mellow ease over any sharp afternoon.

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Calming Close

Soothing Lavender melts over your mind & body, winding you down for the night ahead.

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Free shipping on all orders